The bicycle, when new, with the author
(click for full-size image). Hallmark: by Keep Brothers and Wood, of Melbourne, Australia


This web site describes the restoration of a Hallmark roadster bicycle. The bicycle was made in Melbourne, Australia in 1968, by Keep Bros. and Wood Pty. Ltd., under the brandname "Hallmark".

The bicyle was used during my childhood and teenage years from 1968 to 1979 (when a Raleigh racer replaced it). It suffered a lot of damage during a long period in open weather at the back of my parent's garage during the 1980's, but it was recovered in 1990, and restored in 2003.

The design of this bicycle was not unusual in 1968 - I can recall the bicyle rack at school being full of bicycles of simialr design. However, in the last 30 years most of these bikes have made their way to the rubbish tip, and few good examples remain.

What was once ordinary, is now unusual.


Original Design Features

Fitted with many extras, this bicyle would have been the envy of many of my childhood friends. See a list of design features , and some comments by Michael Toohey of New Zealand.


The restoration took about three times longer, and three times the cost of what I had expected. See all the steps undertaken for the restorationn , with photos of the un-restored frame and parts.

The Restored Bicycle

This project has just been completed - see some initial photos of the restored bicycle.

And then my bicycle will become a time-machine that takes you an a trip to 1968.


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