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Wireless World, July 1953: TL/12 amplifier and Radio Feeder Type VS (Variable Selectivity) described at the APAE and BSRA 1953 Exhibitions.
"Audio" (USA) January 1960 Page42, Review of "Leak Stereo 60".
Hi Fi World, August & Sept 1994 "Restoring the Leak TL/12" by Graham Tricker.
Hi Fi World, July 1992. A description of a stereo decoder (Paravicini) for the Leak Troughline FM Tuner.
la nouvelle REVUE DU SON, No 139 Juillet/Aout 1996: "Les amplificateurs Leak"
Wireless World, Sept 1950. "Pickup Design" - Letter by H.J.Leak to the Editor of Wireless World.
"Radiotronics" (AWA Australia) September 1955; "Laboratory Report on Leak TL/12 Main Amplifiers" by F.Langford-Smith and A.R.Chesterman.
"The Gramophone" May 1955; "Why Electrostatic Loudspeakers", by H.J.Leak
"Radiotronics" (AWA Australia) September 1955; "Why Electrostatic Loudspeakers", by H.J.Leak (a re-print of the article in "The Gramophone".
"High Fidelity Loudspeakers: The Performance of Moving Coil and Electrostatic Transducers" by H.J.Leak. British Institute of Radio Engineers, December 1955.
"The Rigidity of Loudspeaker Diaghrams", by D.A. Barlow (later engaged by Leak to develope the "Sandwich Loudspeaker"), Wireless World, December 1958.
"Push-Pull Input Circuits: Part 5 - The Cathode Coupled Stage", by W.T.Cocking, Wireless World, May 1948. (Not a direct reference to Leak, but an excellent explaination and analysis of the phase splitter circuit used in Leak valve amps.)
First "Point One" Advertisment by Leak, Journal of the British Institute of Radio Engineers, September 1945.
"The Beginnings of Hi Fi - A History of H.J. Leak & Co.", HiFi World, October 1996.
Troughline Tuner - letter by Ted Ashley (ex Leak Chief Engineer), HiFi World, June 1996.
"Kaleidoscop", (notes on discovering the Leak history), HiFi World, October 1996.
"The TL/10 Power Amplifier", Richard Kelly, HiFi World, June 1996.
"Vintage Virtues", Hayden Boardman, (discussion of the Leak Sandwich), HiFi World, July 1997.
"Gateway to the Ether", N.Keywood and K.Bharadia, (discussion and supply of a stereo decoder for the Troughline tuner), HiFi World, Sept 1997.
"Fifteen-bit Valve Performance", R.Brice, (Leak TL/25 modfications), HiFi World, Oct 1991.
Obituary for "Harold Joseph Leak", by Raymond Cooke, OBE, (of KEF fame), Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, Vol 37, No 10, October 1989.

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