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Leak TL/25 Plus Power Amplifier

The Leak TL/25 is a very desirable power amplifier. The 25Watt power output is such that it is usable with modern speakers of today, but the design does not push power output to the limit - often higher powered valve amps seem to sacrifice sonic performance.

Surprisingly, the TL/25 Plus is on the same sized chassis as the TL/12 Plus (only the height differs for the taller power transformer on the TL/25 Plus).

In reality, these amps can deliver around 32 watts, hence the "Plus" designation in the name of this series of mono amplifiers from Leak.

Leak state that the output stage can use KT66, EL34, or 5881 valves, as the circuit uses "automatic" cathode biasing. Of course the sonic performance will vary with valve types.

As with all other Leak audio amplifiers wiring was of a very high standard, as was overall construction and finish. The amplifiers on this page are finished in gold-bronze stove enamel, which remains in great condition after 40 years of use. Also shown here is the under chassis view of the TL/25 Plus, which displays the overall wiring and construction. Many components show signs of wear and tear, and it is usual practice to replace all the signal capacitors, and possibly some resistors. Usually wire wound types such as those used on the cathodes of the EL34's in this amp survive well over the years and do not shift in value, although they may appear "tired" from heat (see the green resistors on the right side of the photo).


The original photos for this web page were generously provided by Philip Thornton-Evison of the United Kingdom.


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