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During the life of an FM tuner it can become de-tuned or out of alignment due to components such as capacitors drifting in value.The procedure for aligning an FM tuner requires:

In general, alignment of an FM tuner of the calibre of the Leak Trough-Line should not be undertaken by the keen amateur. However, I get repeated requests for any such information, so presented below are some notes I obtained regarding the alignment of the Trough-Line. The procedure presented has not been verified as to its validity (it is not from official Leak publications). Furthemore, to attempt such an alignment, the person undertaking it should have sufficient knowledge not to actually require the notes below!

However - good luck!

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NB: These notes have appeared from a number of sources. The most recent copy appeared via Terry Bateman of the UK. His source stated that these notes were those used in the factory for aligment of the tuner, but this has not been confirmed.

Aligning a Troughline Tuner with no RF-Equipment:

It is possible to perform an alignment of a Troughline tuner with just the following items of equipment:

- A second, operational Troughline (in addition to the one to be aligned).
- An audio oscillator.
- An audio CRO using X & Y inputs.

Detailed notes on the procedure will not be given here (but I may add these details later). The outline procedure is as follows:

Again - such an aligment requires some backgound knowledge! So I apologise for the sketchy nature of these notes.


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