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LEAK "Trough Line 3"

The Trough Line 3 specification and valve (tube) complement is identical to the Trough Line II.

However the front panel was re-designed to match the new "1960's" look of the new Leak transistor amplifiers such as the "Stereo 30".

Valve Complement: 2xECF80, ECC84, ECC85, EF80, EM84, EZ80.

After stereo transmissions were standardised in Britain, Leak offered a service to retro-fit this model and others with the stereo decoder used in the "Trough Line Stereo" below. For this reason some of these units will have a factory decoder, and the volume control will be replaced with an ON/OFF/Stereo/Mono switch, even the the panel will still be lableled "Volume".

Leak "Trough Line Stereo"

The "Trough Line Stereo" featured minor revisions to the circuit of the "Trough Line 3", and also included a simple stereo decoder. The factory stereo decoder is too simple to give optimum results, so it is advisable to update it. Add on external decoders have become popular for the Leak Trough Line's during the 1990's, although it is possible to use a small IC decoder inside the original housing of the factory decoder.

Physical appearance was identical to the "Trough Line 3" except for the name, and the volume control is replaced with an ON/OFF/Stereo/Mono switch.

The valve complement differs a little from previous models: 2xECF80, ECC88, ECC85, EF80, EM84, EZ80.

Original photo from Leak Sales literature.
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