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This listing is provided to gauge the current market prices for secondhand Leak equipment seen for sale, or sold, in the USA, UK, and Australia.To convert to the currency of your choice, visit: http://www.xe.net/currency/

Stereo 60 with Varislope 2 Stereo Preamp, VGC, Melbourne Trading Post, Australia, Nov 98, A$975

Stereo 50 with Point One Stereo pre-amp and manual. VGC, Los Angeles, CA, USA, May 1999, US$1035
Stereo 50 with Gold Anodised "Point One Stereo" pre-amp, in VGC. HT caps replaced. Memphis TN, USA, $US1100, Mar 1999.
Stereo 50 with Gold Anodised "Point One Stereo" pre-amp, in AS NEW condition, www.ebay.com, OK. USA, US$1001. Jan 1999.
Stereo 50 and Point One Preamp, US$1200, few mods, like new. www.audiogon.com, May 1999
Stereo 50, replaced caps, speaker outputs,US$1000, like new. www.audiogon.com, May 1999
Stereo 50 and Point One Preamp, no mods, US$1300, like new. www.electronvalve.com, April 1999
Stereo 50, no preamp, vey good condition, Ebay Auction, Nov 1998, Portland USA, US$810
Stereo 50, without pre amp, Aug 98, www.ebay.com, USA, US$475
Stereo 50, with Point One Pre Amp,Aug 98, www.ebay.com, USA, US$430
Stereo 50, heavily modified, July 98, www.trading-post.com.au, A$1100
Stereo 50, restored, Aug 98, www.loot.com, United Kingdom, 350 Pounds Sterling

Stereo 20, internal pots added, US$450, like new. www.audiogon.com, May 1999.
Stereo 20, VGC, no pre-amp, Ontario, Canada, May 1999, US$405
Stereo 20 with "Point One Stereo" pre-amp, ec, CA. USA, www.ebay.com, USA, OK, US$413. Jan 1999.
Stereo 20, original, grey, inbox, no pre-amp, Australian Auction, Aug 1998, A$400
Stereo 20, vgc, UK, 300 Pounds Sterling, Jan 1999
Stereo 20, UK, vgc, 250 Pounds Sterling, Jan 1999

TL/12, UK, 1300 Pounds Sterling, Jan 1999
TL/12 Point One triode amp. Ebay Auction, Dec 1998, USA, US$ 608
TL/12 with no ouput transformer, July 1998, Australia, A$430
Pair of TL/12 amps, reasonable condition, 230V power, Ebay Auction, Dec1998, USA
TL/12, with Varislope 1 pre amp, and VS-Tuner, August 98, Australian auction,A$20 (sic)
TL/12, very poor conition, but original, no valves, Aug 1998, AustraliaAuction, A$10
TL/12, original, un-recoditioned, Australian Auction, Aug 1998, A$350

TL/50 Plus withVarislope III pre-amp, in champagne, VGC,original, MN,USA, US451, Mar 1999.

TL/12 Plus pair, heavily modified, July 98, www.trading-post.com.au,Australia, A$110

TL/10 Pair, 450 Pounds Sterling, UK, Jan 1999
TL/10 - one only, NEW in box! Bidding to US$530, but the reserve was notmet.
TL/10 - one only, with Point One mono pre-amp. VGC. CA, USA, US$266, March1999.

Stereo 30 transistor amp, 45 Pounds Sterling, UK, Jan 1999
Stereo 30 Transistor amp, Ebay Auction, Nov 98, USA, US$51
Stereo 30, Aug 98, www.loot.com, United Kingdom, 49 Pounds Sterling
Stereo 30 Plus, ec except for cracked fascia plate, CA. USA, US$65.50, www.ebay.com,Jan 1999

Trough-Line 3, Aug 98, www.loot.com, United Kingdom, 49 Pounds Sterling
Trough-Line 3 Stereo Tuner, www.loot.com, UK, Aug 1998, 55 pounds Sterling
Trough-Line Stereo FM Tuner, Australian Auction, Aug 1998, A$100
Trough-Line tuner with case, UK, 100 Pounds Sterling, Jan 1999

2 x Varislope III pre-amps, fliter knob missing, others knobs un-original,New York, USA, US$133 pair
Point One Stereo Pre amp - with Gold Anoidised Facia, Australian Auction,Aug 1998, A$140
Varislope 2 Stereo Pre-amp, Grey/silver, lettering worn, knob center missing,Canada, US$46.50, Jan 1999

Rank-leak 600 Sandwich Speaker, 50 Pounds Sterling, Jan 1999
Rank-Leak 3090 Speakers, Jan 1999, UK, 200 Pounds Sterling, good workingorder
Sandwich Mk2 Speakers, Aug 98, www.trading-post.com.au, Australia, A$180
Leak 2030 speakers (Rank-Leak), www.loot.com, UK, Aug 1998, 50 Pounds Sterling
Leak Sandwich 600 3-way speaker, www.loot.com, United Kingdom, Aug 98, 150Pounds Sterling

Leak78 rpm Mark 1 pickup (1949) and arm, new, Aug 1998, Australian Auction,A$30


This list will be added to when new information comes to hand.
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