In Form 3 chose to do Cadets. I was in D-Company. I liked Cadets, but loathed the idea of Cadet camp, as it robbed me of a whole week out of my September holidays. But, as luck had it, the first Cadet camp I was to go on (1972) was cancelled on the morning we were to leave. The site had been rained-out from about a week of constant rain.

Later, I transferred to the Signals Corp. Cadet camp with Signals Platoon was pretty much a luxurious affair compared to regular infantry platoons. The Signals ran all the wireless and telephony installations, which was fun. But, Signals also ran the 240 generators, so we had access to power for lighting and equipment.

During my last cadet camp, I also took my own portable generator. It was 12 Volt unit. It ran all the lighting in my two-man tent, plus the electric blanket inside my sleeping bag. This is perhaps the ultimate proof of my nerdyness. I went on to study Engineering. It all fits together, doesn't it?

Right: Stephen Spicer, 1975, Corporal in Signals Platoon.


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