The Tuck Shop
and Lunchtime

In the 1970's, Mrs Lucky ran the tuck shop, along with other middle-aged ladies, who took a lot of punishment from many of the boys.

I often had classes in Room 19, adjacent to the Tuck Shop, and suffered the tantalising smell of Four-and-Twenty meat pies as they heated up on a cold winters day. For some strange reason, the Tuck Shop sold the best coffee scrolls I have ever had. Flavoured milk was a favourite, but this was before "Big-M" was marketed, so to buy flavoured milk, you were given a carton of plain milk, you then drank a small portion first, and then the flavouring was poured in.

For some, lunchtimes meant improvising some form of sport. For me I wasn't interested in this, but some of my mates were. The photos at the right were taken next to the old pool, just south of the old science block. The Meares Oval is directly behind in these photos.

Top: Greg Holland-King, Rob Thompson (seated), Anders McDonald, and Andrew Wynn.

Bottom: Stephen Kerr, Andrew Wynn, Rob Thompson, and Anders McDonald.

All photos 1975.


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