Dancing Classes
and School Dances

Form 4 was the year we went to dancing classes. In my case this was held on Thursday nights at Corowa Girls School in Glen Iris. The first girl I took a liking to was Jenny Seales, who lived in Lawrence Rd, Syndal. Anders McDonald seemed to hitch up with a girl called Penny and together they took a fascination in the Royal Botanic Gardens on weekends. Michael Cockburn planned to let off a smoke bomb at dancing classes, I think using antimony sulphide, triggered by a potassium permanganate and glycerine reaction. But it never eventuated. Others who attended dancing classes were: Ian K Burnett ("I Kan Bowl"), Phil Bissett, and Greg Holland-King.

That year was a good excuse for a private party as we all had girls we could asked. That was held at my place late that year.

The only official dance I attended for Scotch was the Cadet Dance in 1973. I took Jenny Seales. I can remember she sat on my lap - that must have been significant for me to remember it! Of course, we all wore our Cadet Uniform, No2 dress (kilt).

Further evidence is shown at the right. In 1974 I attended the Shelford dance with Lindy van Hemert. Not a Scotch function, but it gives an idea of how hip we looked in the 70's.


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