The Form Four
Geography Excursion

The Form 4 Geography Excursion was an annual event at Scotch. It was anticipated by many, including myself for years ahead of my time in Form 4.

When it came to deciding to go, my parents needed some convincing, as it was a financial burden they would have to endure not just for me, but for my two brothers as well.

I was interested in Geography, and did well at the subject. But in addition, my best mate Peter Olorenshaw was going on the Excursion. So I did have a hidden agenda, although I am not sure how aware my parents were of this. The fee to go on the excursion was $160.

We flew to Brisbane, and our first night was in Maroochydore. The excursion weaved its way up the coast of Queensland to Cairns, and then inwards towards Mt Isa. However rain diverted us away from the inner part of Queensland, and away from our planned itinerary (unfortunately).

Mr Achurch was the tour leader, and also my Geography Master. Mr Beckworth accompanied us.


Above: Breakfast at Maroochydore, Qld,1973.

Group photo of Form 4 Geography Excursions, 1973.
(click for full-size image)

Swimming in the Atherton Table Lands of Queensland, 1973.

Anders McDonald, Geography Excursion, 1973.

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