The Memorial Hall
and Morning Assembly

Above: The Memorial Hall showing the organ loft added to the south side in 1951. Recently this organ loft has been remodelled to fit better with the original architecture and to house a new organ.

Right: The fabulous east windows, and stage crowded with chairs, of the Memorial Hall. Prefects read the Bible reading from the left side, and Rev. Archie Crow addressed the School from the pulpit on the right side,

The Memorial Hall, and the school assemblies held in it are probably some of the strongest memories for any Old Scotch Collegian. School assemblies were held every week day morning, except Thursdays when in House Meetings were held.

School assemblies followed this structure:

  • A Doxology, announced by the Principal, Colin Healey. Examples include:
    • Praise God from whom all blessings flow
    • Now to the King of Heaven
    • To Him who sits upon the throne
  • A Reading by a Head Prefect
  • A Hymn.
    • The best ones were usually written by Charles Wesley
  • An address by the Chaplain
  • School Notices

"First bell" for assembly was at 8:45, with assembly commencing at 8:50. Late arriving pupils would be arrested by a Master standing outside the Memorial Hall at the east end.







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