New Boys Day, 1970

New Boys Day was held on the first Monday of Term 1 each year. Only News Boys attended, as the rest of the school commenced the following day - the intention being to provide a conducive atmosphere to introduce boys to the school. I travelled with Stephen Kerr (a friend from primary school and fellow new-boy) from Mount Waverley to Kooyong via train, and walked up to Scotch on a crisp summer's morning. My frozen drink canister was causing condensation on the outside of my new vinyl school bag.

New Boys were inducted into the school at Form 1 level, whilst Junior School boys in Grade 6 during 1969 were kept separate by keeping them in separate "Grade 7" classes in the Junior School.

All the New Boys (around 80 of us, in three Forms) met in Room 19 as this was one of the larger rooms in The Quad. Various masters attended including Stan Brown who was charged with managing News Boys overall. Stan Brown was also my House Master (Gilray House). My school number was 1688.

On this day, new soft-drink and coffee/tea machines were being installed outside the tuck-shop. The installation staff were just completing the job on New Boys Day. The machine took a lot of punishment from boys in the months that followed, and probably only lasted 6 months before being decommissioned!

New Boys Day was very hot, and I wore the new "Summer Uniform" which I was later to find differed for those in Form 4 and above! My mother had bought my uniform from Ball & Welch in Flinders St, and they seemed unaware that only boys in Form 4 or more were allowed to wear the light-grey long socks without school-colour bands in the top.

The biggest attraction on New Boys Day was the pool, and we spent most of the early afternoon in it, after which we were allowed to go home when we felt like it.

Standard procedure for ones first day at school - the photo by the front door (in this case my two brothers)

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