New Masters - 1970

Some new Masters that arrived that same year as me, and who I would be taught by included:

  • Mr Suter (Form 1 Geography)
  • Mr Graham ('Sludge" for Form 6 Physics)
  • Mr Pelman (Form 2 English)
  • Mr Hosking ("Cynthia" for Form 2 Maths)

Andy Tait also arrived in 1970. Whilst I never had him teach me, he was legendary as the teacher-of-choice for Form 5 and 6 Physics.

In Form 6, one of "Sludge" Graham's quotable-quotes, when asked how we could possibly remember in excess of 150 physics formulae, was "basically derive them when you need them". This seemed inconceivable to us students!

Photo Source: "The Scotch Collegian" 1970.

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