School Rules

The concept of a School Diary was totally new to me, and I was bemused that we should have one at all - I had come from the State School system where such things were absent.

Through pressure from Masters, but more perhaps by osmosis, we all gain some familiarity with school rules. Two big ones were:

  • Boys will not walk on the Main Oval.
  • Boys will have their suit-coats buttoned at all times in public.

For many years after I left school, the site of a Police Car (yes Police) invoked an involuntary response to button my coat, as it was only the sight or presence of a Prefect that would cause you to actually button your coat in Public. It was "cool" to flout this rule.

Page 37 of the diary had the most words on it and was the one chosen by Prefects when they imposed the punishment of writing out a page from the diary.


The 1973 School Diary.

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