Tannoy Loudspeaker Cabinet Designs - Mid 1970's

These cabinet designs are published Tannoy designs for the HPD-series of dual concentric monitors that were released around 1974 and remained in production until about 1979. The HPD-series followed the Monitor Gold series (1968-74), but the two models are often confused as they both have gold-painted chassis. The major physical difference is the surround on the woofer cone: HPD speakers have a plastic-roll-surround (that disintegrates after about 15 years); Monitor Gold units have a corrugated surround treated with a plasticizer (that last indefinitely).

Right: The Tannoy Berkley fitted with the HPD-385A monitor:
Below: The Tannoy Arden cabinet fitted with a DC386 monitor (dating from around 1982).


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