The Tannoy Monitor Red series was released in 1958, and produced until1967. Distinguishing physical features of this model are:

The Monitor Red was available in three models:

See also cabinet designs forthese drive-units

TannoyMonitor Red III-LZ (10-inch)
Model designation: LSU/HF/3LZ


Tannoy III-LZ 10-inch drive unit showing the
red magnet cover of the Monitor Red series.

Tannoy III-LZ 10-inch drive units

Tannoy III-LZ crossover unit.

Tannoy Monitor Red 12-inch
Model designation: LSU/HF/12L

Magnet cover of the Monitor Red 12-inch speaker.

A pair of Monitor Red 12-inch units with crossovers.

Tannoy Monitor Red 15-inch
Model designation: LSU/HF/15/L



Above Left: The Monitor 15.

Above Right: Crossovers for the Monitor 15.

Left: Front view of the low-frequency cone, showing the curve-linearshape. The dust cap is too dense to allow the high-frequency horn to beseen. Note the plasticized corrugated surround. The cone resonance is around30Hz for this model which is higher than that acheived in the later HPDseries.


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