Thiele & Small Parameters: Measurements on an individual Monitor Silver 12"

The data below document the T&S parameteres for an individual Monitor Sliver 12" unit. This unit was 45 years old when measured, so the results could reflect changes in suspension compliance with age (e.g. stiffer plastisiser), or changes in magent field strength. Results with other units could vary.

     Monitor Silver 12"
 Vas, volume equivalent compliance    45 litres *
 Fs, free air resonance    43Hz *
 Qt, total Q-factor    0.44 *
 Qa, mechanical & acoustic Q    10.1 *
 Qe, electrical Q    0.46 *
 Mmd, Dynamic Mass, excl. air load    
 Cms, dynamic compliance    
 Mma, air load in free air    
 Sd, piston radiating area    0.0531 m2
 B, gap flux    
 L, voice coil conductor length (in gap)    
 BL, force factor (=B * L)    
 Re, voice coil resistance    12.2 Ohm *
 Re+Res, resistance at Fs    280 Ohm *
 Z, efficiency into half-space (2-pi)    
 VD, Peak linear displacement volume    
 a, effective piston radius    
 Pth, thermal power rating    
 Sensitivity (@2.83V, 1m, 20C)    
 Rms, mechanical resistance (mech-Ohm)    
 LF Voice Coil Diameter    
 HF Voice Coil Diameter    
 HF Gap Flux, B    
 Magnet Mass    
LF to HF crossover frequency    

* Undertaken on an individual drive unit.

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