Dual Concentric Loudspeaker Drive Units:

A dual loudspeaker has two drive units - one for bass and onefor treble, fed via a crossover unit that separates the bass and treblesignals.

A dual-concentric loudspeaker has the two drivers (bass and treble)mounted co-axially. The benefits being a frequency response and phase responsethat is not affected by nodal-cancellation found in normal multi-way speakers.This limitation in conventional multi-way speakers cannot be avoided.

There are a number of famous designs based on the dual-concentric principle,including Stentorian, KEF, the RCA "LC1A", and the famous Altec604-series (released by Altec Lansing in the USA after the Second WorldWar).

Cross Section of the Tannoy MonitorRed Loudspeaker:


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