The Tannoy Monitor HPD series was released in 1974 and produced untilaround 1980. Distinguishing physical features of this model are:

This model is often confused with the Monitor Gold because the chassisis painted gold. However, the Monitor Gold did not have the plastic-foamroll-surround of the HPD-series (except on some very late-model MonitorGolds), nor the "girdacoustic" low frequency cone.

The Monitor HPD was available in three models:

See also cabinet designs forthese drive-units

Tannoy Monitor HPD 15-inch
Model designation: Monitor HPD-385

The HPD-series was the last model in the classic series first launchedin 1947. All models from the Monitor Black through the Silvers, Reds, Goldsand lastly the HPD's uised the same basic design with minor refinementsto LF cone surrounds, dustcovers, rear-loading of the HF diaphragm.

Perhaps the most significant performance changes were achieved throughthe use of more sophisticated crossovers on the later models like the MonitorGold's and Monitor HPD's.

Desirable features of the HPD series are:

  • Ticonal-G magnet (a trade-name for Alnico)
  • Very low-resonance LF cone (around 20Hz, versus closer to 30Hz for all previous designs). A down-side is that the high-compliance close-cell roll-surround on the LF unit disintegrates after about 15 years, requiring replacement).
  • High power rating of 85 Watts integrated programme material
  • A more transparent dust-cover than the Monitor Red and Monitor Gold, giving better treble clarity
  • Well controlled LF cone with the so-called "girdacoustic" ribbed strengthening on the rear face (as shown at left).

Tannoy Monitor HPD 10-inch
Model designation: Monitor HPD-295
(photos not available yet).... but this is a very cute loudspeaker.

Tannoy Monitor HPD 12-inch
Model designation: Monitor HPD-315
(photos not available yet)


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