Dual Concentric Loudspeaker Drive Units:

From the late 1940's onwards, Tannoy dual concentric loudspeakers earned a reputation for accuracy, clarity, and prodigious output which made them extremely popular in the recording and broadcast industries for monitoring audio. By the late 1950's keen hi-fi enthusiasts were using these drive units at home as well. The trend for domestic applications has continued to the extent that Tannoy now market domestic and professional units separately.

The classic designs of the 1940's to 1970-'s now yield high prices amongst vintage audio-buffs. This un-official Tannoy web-site is intended to promote interest in old Tannoy monitors, and assist with identification and restoration.

Most photos on this site have come from other web-sites. I would like to thank all those who have (perhaps unknowingly) contributed to this collection. More photos of Tannoy drive units and original cabinet design are required yet, so please feel free to contribute.

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