The Tannoy Monitor Silver series was released in the early 1950's andproduced until around 1958. Distinguishing physical features of this modelare:

The Monitor Silver was available as:

TannoyMonitor Silver 12-inch
Model designation: LSU/HF/12/L

Magnet cover and wiring to the speaker, showing the feed to the compressiondriver diaphragm at the rear.

"Pepper-pot" phase compensation channels that form the couplingfrom the HF diaphragm to the horn throat, which is machined into the magnetpole for the LF driver.

TannoyMonitor Silver 15-inch
Model designation: LSU/HF/15/L

The Silver 15 is visually identical ro the Silver 12 - just having a biggerLF cone (but identical HF horn
and diaphragm). A major difference in sound would be apparent between the12 and 15 though,
as the crossover design for the Silver 12 ismuch more simple.

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