Australian National Stereo Convention - Canberra, April 1998

Since the early 1970's, Stereo Conventions have been held regularly - in recent times once every two years. The next Convention is scheduled for around April 25 1998, and will be held in Canberra, the Capital city of Australia.

Above is a group photo taken at the 1996 Convention held at the historic inland port of Echuca (Vic), Australia.

Australian Stereo Conventions can be attended by anyone interested in stereo photography. The co-ordination and planning of Conventions has been shared in the past by the Victorian 3D Society, the Sydney Stereo Camera Club, and the Australian Section of the Stereoscopic Society.

What Happens At Stereo Conventions?

The Convention usually takes place over two or three days. A programme of slide projection is arranged for two evenings, usually about 2 to 3 hours of projection each night. Top stereo shows are presented, and most conventions usually feature an audio-visual submitted from overseas.

The day programme at Conventions is a mix of activities with various options for those with differing interests. Sightseeing tours, group activities, bush walks, photo opportunities, a group BBQ lunch and technical sessions are all possibilities for the daytime programme.

A highlight of the Convention is the showing of the Southern Cross International Stereo Exhibition. This is run by the Sydney Stereo Camera Club each year, and features the best in stereo from around the globe.

A Convention Dinner for all attending is always held one evening.


For more details regarding the 1998 Canberra Convention contact Ray or Nancy Moxom of the Sydney Stereo Camera Club, Phone: +61 2 9874 5447, or mail the Vice President of the Sydney Stereo Camera Club at Alternatively, visit the home page of the Sydney Stereo Camera Club at

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