Modifying an RBT Mount for use as a Jig for Mounting Into Cardboard Mounts.

This web page illustrates an idea first mentioned by
Harold Baize on the photo-3d Internet email list.

On the left, the two halves of the plastic RBT mount. The RBT mount is designed for projection-accurate alignment of the film chips by use of registration pins that are can be moved sideways for horizontal position, and for vertical position in four steps of 0.1mm.

On the right is an open "fold-over" cardboard stereo mount.

One side of an RBT mount, showing the white adjustable registration pins at the top of the apertures.

The RBT mount can be use to align the film chips before taping them into the cardboard mount. To do this the RBT mount needs to be modified by cutting away one edge as shown on the left. The photo shows that the apertures are left intact by this modification. Also the pins for mating with the other half of the RBT mount are removed to make the inner surface flat.

The RBT mount is now ready for use as an alignment tool, so that the film chips can be accurately taped into position in the cardboard mount. A light box, and a straight-edge fixed to the surface of the light box (eg: double sided adhesive tape) are other useful items to make the job easier.

More information: Using the RBT mount as an aligment tool.

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