NOTE: This Constitution is superseded by the 1999 Rules of Incorporation.

The name of the organisation shall be "The Victorian 3D Society" (hereinafter referred to as "the Society").

The aims of the Society shall be:

The administration of the Society and it's activities shall be performed by a Committee of nine positions. Three positions will comprise those of the Executive Committee: President, Treasurer and Secretary. The remaining six positions are ordinary Committee positions.

Committee Duties
All Committee members will endeavour to attend Committee meetings to plan the activities and direction of the Society. The quorum for a meeting of the Committee shall be a simple majority of the elected Committee members. Six Committee meetings will be held each year at dates to be determined by the Committee. Any Member of the Society may attend Committee Meetings, however in the event of a vote only elected Committee Members may participate.

The Committee will arrange for six General Meetings each year at dates to be determined by the Committee.

The President will be responsible for ensuring the proper co-ordination of the activities of the Society and for presiding over the meetings of the Society. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Society and for providing current listings of Members of the Society. The Secretary shall be responsible for the production of the newsletter for the Society, and other correspondence.

Election of Committee Members
The period of office for all Committee Members and Executive Committee members shall be one year. Elections for all nine Committee positions shall be held at the Annual General Meeting in February of each year. Verbal nominations shall be invited for each position. A ballot will be conducted if more than one nomination is received for any of the positions. The office of President shall not be held by any one person for more than two consecutive years, except by appropriate means under the section "Alteration to Powers".

The Membership shall consist of Members, and Honorary Members. The fee for membership shall be payable at the start of every calendar year, at a rate determined by the Committee. New members wishing to join the Society during mid-year may pay a pro-rata fee based on the annual fee.

Members may be voted "Honorary Members" by a two-thirds majority of the members attending an Annual General Meeting. Nominations for Honorary Membership shall be made first by the Committee at that Annual General Meeting.

Alteration to Powers
This Constitution may altered, rescinded or repealed by:

In the event that the Society should be dis-banded, all excess monies shall be placed in trust by a responsible Committee member for three years, thence to be distributed to the Children's Hospital Melbourne. If before that time, the Society is re-constituted the monies concerned may be used to fund the re-constituted Society.

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