A Mounting Jig for use with 35mm Stereo Cardboard Mounts

NOTE: An initial production run of 66 units was produced in late 1996. Depending on demand, there may be another production run. If you interested in this jig please contact us. For orders and enquiries in Australia or elswhere, send email to: kiewavly@werple.net.au

Basic Design Aim:

The basic philosophy of the jig is to make the cardboard foldover mounts as easy to use as the EMDE (TM) or Albion aluminium mounts. This job it does. In fact it does it better, as you can calibrate the jig to suit the vertical lens alignment in your camera .

1. General Description

The mounting jig is designed to enable quick and accurate mounting of stereo slides into cardboard stereo mounts. It is best used in conjunction with a light box to illuminate the slide, and a pair of stereo viewing lenses to view the slide while mounting.


2. Quick Starter to Using the Jig

If you have had previous experience with stereo mounting, you may like to go right ahead and use the jig, or it may be useful to read this summary. A diagram of the jig is attached.




1. The jig will reveal any variations or deficiencies in other factors that affect the vertical alignment (or baseline alignment) of the stereo image. Such factors are:

2. If for any reason you have dismantled the jig and are going to re-assemble it, or need to reset the calibration of the jig back to the nominal "factory" settings then note that there are several alignment markings cut into the baseplate of the unit. These lines are just a few millimetres long, and can be best seen by examining the baseplate from underneath. The following alignment markers can be seen, working from top to bottom as oriented in the diagram:

3. If the mounts being used are too thick, then the depth of the rebate in the baseplate could be increased to cater for thick mounts. The jig should cater for thicknesses in the range 0.5mm to 0.8mm.

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