DC-Series Domestic Monitors

It appears that a new domestic range (replacing the HPD series in this role) was introduced around 1980. These appear to be similar in design to the K-series professional units. These models were designated the DC386 (15"), DC316 (12") (and possibly a DC296 10" unit) For example, the DC386 was uised in the Arden cabinet around 1980, where-as prior to this the HPD-385 was used in the Arden cabinet.

Right: The Tannoy DC385 15-inch monitor. Appearance is very similar to the K3838 professional monitor. (Information on technical differences is of interest.)

Note Regarding the Roll-Surround:
This DC-386 monitor appears to have had a non-genuine roll-surround fitted. To make such surrounds fit the smaller basket of the Tannoy 15-inch speakers, often a cut is made in the surround, and a small section removed. A mitred-join in the surround can be seen at the bottom of the photo, hinting at the use of a non-genuine surround.


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