K-Series Professional Monitors

The K-Series professional monitors were released around 1980. They werethe replacement for the HPD-series, the basic design of which spanned backto 1946. The K-series were the first to use ceramic magnets - which in turnresulted in a re-design of the high frequency horn. Originally the hornlength was set to suit the Alnico style magnets, which are much longer inshape than the squat-profile of a ceramic magnet. .

Distinguishing physical features of this model are:

This model is often confused with the Monitor Gold because the chassisis painted gold. However, the Monitor Gold did not have the plastic-foamroll-surround of the HPD-series, nor the "girdacoustic" low frequencycone.

The K-series 15 inch units were was available in two models:

TannoyK3808 Professional Monitor
Model designation:

Above: A pair of K3808 monitors showing the corrugated LF cone surround.

Above: A pair of K3808 monitors with the magnet covers removed, showingthe
HF-driver assembly on the back of the ceramic magnets.


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