Scotch College: 1970 to 1975

 This web site outlines some memories of my years at Scotch College, Hawthorn, in Melbourne, Australia.
I attended the Senior School for my secondary education years - Form 1 to Form 6 (now Years 7 to 12).
Photo Above: An impression of the Memorial Hall in 1974, showing the
old lawn-tennis courts and teacher car-parking to the right.

Scotch as a New Boy

New Boys Day - Monday February 4, 1970. Starting at Scotch, new-boys were given the run-of-the-school to themselves, for a day.

School Rules - button that suit coat!

School Fees for 1970.

New Masters in 1970.

Above: Site-plan from the early 1960's (click for full size view)

Some Parts of the Curriculum

Form 3: Radio Play and Slide Show. Each English class under Mr Christie produced these multi-media presentations over a number of years.

Form 4: Geography Excursion. In 1973 the excursion went to coastal and inner Queensland - or that was the plan.

Masters - reputations and nicknames: Shorty Elliot, Chesty Bond, Smoothy Brown, Worm, Dippy, and Mary.


Lunchtime and Tuck Shop activities.

Also see some photos of my Mates: Peter Olorenshaw, Anders McDonald, Hal Walter.

Rowing - How I became stranded on the Yarra River.

School Dances: dancing classes, Cadet Dance and School Dances.

Cadets, including some of my time in the Signals Platoon

School Holidays: the time to grow your hair!

Names of all the boys in the Year-of-1975 (with some photos)

30-Year Re-Union Photos

An archive of many photos taken at the 30-year re-union, 2005 (external to this web site).

Buildings - and what we did in them

The Memorial Hall and School Assemblies

Mackie Hall, the Music School and Foundation Day Concert:- here's a sample of the College Song.

Buildings - Old and New, Mistakes and Masterpieces. Scotch has them all.

The Littlejohn Chapel.

Photos from Satura

Various photos: including School Captains.

Mr Scotch.

Scotch at Cowes

Satura Staff.



Above: The Memorial Hall in 1975 from outside
Room 20. The old bell had an electric actuator
on it, but it was always broken. The west wall
has recently undergone some structural work
to stabilise it - "s-shaped" retaining plates are
now visible in it.

Bruce Dawson, John Simpson and
Michael Tinney as first-formers in 1970,
were interviewed by Satura. (Source: Satura)



Above: School Caretaker, Jim Baird
"Good year - carry on."
(Jim Baird photo from Satura. Composite
with Memorial Hall backdrop)




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